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  • No

    By swiftiestan
  • Yes.

    By bluegreen1714
  • Sorry Taylor but

    By jazmin98
    you can’t top the video for ME!🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Cute and Sweet

    By Nakao123
    Some of these one-star reviews need to calm down, because this song and it’s music video is adorable. I’ve never been into modern pop, but this song has broken my expectations. Very few artists are willing to discuss LGBTQ+ issues so clearly and boldly in social media and interviews, let alone their own music. Some of her lyrics contain powerful statements that are so true, so bold, and so inspiring. In addition, this song contains a decent layering of background and buildup. This song made me very happy.

    By Hayweezy
    Video of 2019
  • What happend it’s in 40 WHAT!?!?

    By Slothgirl151
    What HAPPEND IT was first place and now it’s in 40 :c this song is a classic fun and will keep you interested for hours
  • Girl you slay

    By l❤️cats
    Awesome and I love the way she does the music. 🌈Go pride. Go Taylor.
  • I do not get it

    By (KitKat)burrito
    It’s like, I cannot understand. Why is she at the pool? Why is a guy dancing in the middle of nowhere? It’s SOOOO confusing! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • way to go

    By jaxsonlovesongs
    taylor swift, this is the best song you ever sang in your entire life
  • Ignores the real problem

    By veronicajamesxxx
    Unfortunately the homophobes we need to be worried about AREN’T the uneducated ones that live in trailer parks. This video- as nice as it is to see a straight ally with a huge platform- is a huge mistake. With our country’s current political climate if miss swift was truly an ally with an aim to make a difference- she would make a video calling out the homophobic people that currently sit in our government. Who cares about the homophobic idiot in the trailer park? He probably won’t even vote. And anyway “shade” is the last thing lgbtq folx are worried about.